Thursday, January 19, 2017

Crime never pays

Cyber security expert Amit Dubey speaks to Sapna Sarfare about his book RETURN OF THE TROJAN HORSE Tales of Criminal Investigation which is based on his experiences of solving crimes for the police.

If you find a book based on real experiences, chances are they are quite a read. And if they are written by a cyber security expert like Amit Dubey, it is worth taking notice of. Dubey who heads Heuristics Info Systems Pvt. Ltd has come out with his book RETURN OF THE TROJAN HORSE Tales of Criminal Investigation is about a young software engineer who helps cops in solving cases and becomes useful. The book published by Leadstart Publishing is how he solves cases using his own experience and intelligence. Based on Dubey’s own experience, it is quite a read and reveals new techniques to solve criminal cases. He speaks about his book, his work and more.

What points made you think that writing a book would be a great option?
I have learnt that nothing thrills more than reality. So I decided to write the stories of some of the real crime investigation cases I have been involved with as an IT expert where I helped the police solve complex crime cases. They were related to terror attacks, kidnapping and road accidents and how technology was used to resolve them. The stories describe the personal struggles arising from such involvement while demonstrating smart ways of using advanced technology & creative thinking to nab criminals.
This book is the outcome of numerous, long-pending requests from many of my trainees in the Indian Police and Investigation departments. I hope the book will serve as an interesting way to learn about new investigation methodologies through the medium of emotional stories.

How would you describe the book to the reader? What are the interesting aspects?
This book is targeted at a generic audience. I think that criminal investigation is an ever-intriguing topic for most of the people of all ages and professions, who love to read and listen to such stories, especially when they are rooted in real life. I have received few very interesting feedbacks and am amazed to see the way people have taken it.

Amit Dubey
Most would have expected a non-fiction book from you. Why fiction?
Sometimes, it’s not possible to reveal such incidents as it is. However with little fiction, we can give new heights to such stories to make it more interesting.  I always believed in writing a story in such a manner so that if someone starts reading the book, he should not be able to put it down. It should have something new to surprise you at every page, it should have something which everyone can relate to and it should give a smooth, easy, emotional and thrilling ride to the reader.

As a cyber security expert, how do you think such books aid in making people aware of cybercrime?
I just wanted to tell interesting stories; there is no hidden intention to teach anything. The learning comes as a by-product.  It solely depends on readers what they can learn out of it. I just wanted to take my readers on a thrilling ride where they can be introduced to some hidden secrets of criminal investigation world. In a time when our mobile phone has become an integral part of our life, they should be aware of the fact that some truly dangerous things are possible if somebody gets an access to our mobile phone.

What kind of books do you read personally? Do you read just related to your profession?
Though I mostly read the technical stuff around cyber security and hacking, I love to read science fiction stories too and anything which could uplift my imagination. I also read poetries and lots of emotional stuff.

How has the response to the book been as of now? Any interesting feedback?
I am receiving some excellent feedback. During a panel discussion shoot at CNN studio, the camera man Sunil Bhatt came to me and said, sir, “I read your book and it’s amazing. I also gave the book to my teenage son and he loved it”. These kinds of surprise reactions from a range of readers are so encouraging. I feel really happy when people call me and want to meet me personally to discuss the book with me. My readers are getting intrigued by few facts in the book and want to know if everything is true. I think this is a big success when you make people believe whatever you say.

What’s your next book on? Will it be a non-fiction book?
I have already started working on my next book, This will reveal future of crimes,  What all  scary things could happen in near future  due to overload of technology around us and how investigation approaches will change in the future. It would have a blend of emotional twist and suspense drama which I try to keep as a key ingredient of my book recipe.

TITLE: RETURN OF THE TROJAN HORSE Tales of Criminal Investigation
AUTHOR: Amit Dubey
GENRE: Crime Fiction/Investigative
PUBLISHER: Leadstart Publishing 
PAGES: 258 
PRICE: Rs. 249

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