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Senior journalist & author Avirook Sen speaks on his second book, Aarushi, based on the Aarushi Talwar murder case and its details. 

We are spoilt for choice of topics when it comes to writing books in India. The country is literally brimming with tales galore. Amongst contemporary issues to plague Indian psyche, the Aarushi Talwar murder case shook us and is still throwing up many questions. Seasoned journalist has come up with a book on this shocking murder case, titled Aarushi. The well-researched book (the author’s second) has the author speak to all those concerned and the revelations are quite shocking.
Avirook Sen speaks on the process of writing this book and his views on the Aarushi Talwar case.

What attracted you to the Aarushi Talwar case so much that you had to write a book on it – its sheer sensationalism or the fact that it is still one of the most mysterious cases in recent times?
What attracted me to the book was the larger story it told. Well, beyond a murder trial, this is about how India works—or doesn’t. 

What was the assumption of the whole case – before & after writing the book?
I made no assumptions.

How was your approach towards writing this book?
First and foremost, it was about a scrupulous reliance on facts. Everything in the book is either a matter of public record or attributable to an official document or a direct interview. 

Some might call the book a way of cashing on a much talked, chewed and ‘all over the media’ case. Did that come to your mind?
No it didn’t. All I thought about was the story the case told.  

Were you in touch with the Talwars regarding the book & how it is going to be written?
Yes. I did several detailed interviews with them, like I did with a number of other players in the case, including the trial judge. 

Public reception of book like Aarushi is quite dicey, I feel. You never know if how people react to it. What’s your viewpoint?
The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive—in every sense. I am grateful for this. 

How have the fellow journalists & other readers reacted to it?
Almost without exception in a generous and sensitive manner. Once again, I am very grateful for this specially because the book can be interpreted as being very critical of the media. 

Books under Non-Fiction, Crime genre like yours… One does feel India is a hotspot for them. As a journalist and now an author, how do you feel? 
I’m happy as long as people read it. And it appears they are reading ‘Aarushi’

Are you still passionate about journalism?
Very passionate. It’s the only thing I know how to do.

What will the author in you will be writing next?
Perhaps I’ll provide an answer in this forum soon. Till then, let’s just wait.

PUBLISHER: Penguin Books India
PUBLISHED: 6 July, 2015
CATEGORY: Non-Fiction, Crime
PRICE: Rs. 299 

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