Thursday, October 23, 2014

Flash Mob with a Difference

On 19th October 2014, a unique flash mob organised by Music Matters, ragpickers with Swach and Deep Griha NGO at Seasons Mall spread the message of cleanliness via music. Here are the details...

It is always fun to mix something good and entertaining with a cause. And in a city like Pune, it has been happening quite often. On 19th October 2014, a unique experiment took place at Seasons Mall between 6.30pm to 6.45pm wherein an interesting flash mob helped spread the message of cleanliness. This initiative by Music Matters had waste pickers from Swach and members of Deep Griha NGO join hands to make people aware of cleanliness. All that was done by drumming and the the power of music. It was a proud moment to know that this was a first of its kind event in India where flash mob idea was used to spread an important message.

One saw 40 social workers get the nessacary training from 40 musicians for a week and it was seen in the 7 minutes performance. 1000s saw the wonderful performance when they visited the mall for their Sunday shopping. They head slogans like Swach Indian Clean India from the percussionists along with household items like buckets combined with percussion instruments like Djembes, Lajems, Drum Sticks, Tambourines, Shakers and so on. It is good to know that the 80 members had been trained by Arthur Fernandes who is a psychologist, musician and arts-based therapist. It was a evening filled with fun and getting to know about the importance of cleanliness. What more can you ask for?

Here’s a link to the flash mob video: