Sunday, July 10, 2016

Le Meridien Pune Presents Hyderabadi Food Festival till July 16 2016

An exciting offering from the land of the Nizams with Le Meridien Pune's Deccan delights through their Hyderabad Food Festival. Visit while you can till July 16.

It is always exciting to hear from Le Meridien Pune when it comes from delicious food. This time, it is their Hyderabad Food Festival which will be serving Deccani delights from the land of the Nizams. For this, they have invited a specially talented chef from Hyderabad, Chef Yadaiah Bandaruof from The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace. Started on July 9, it will continue till July 16. Reserve the evenings from 7 PM onwards for the sumptious spread. 

On a visit to taste the delights, the buffet served along with their normal buffet has all the famous delicacies which the city's food is famous for. The best part is that the menu will keep on changing daily. Be prepared to be surprised daily. 

I loved the Kache Gosht Ki Biryani which was delicately flavoured and was quite light to eat. The meat was as tender as it gets. Nothing is as tempting as this Biryani. Vegetarians too have option. The Khatti Dal too was well-prepared and not overwhelmingly khatti. The Kheema Kaleji got my thumbs up for being a change from the usual kheema you get. Spicy but not too overwhelming, it just got me craving for me. The varied kebab and other starters out of chicken, fish and veggies were good for the weather. I loved the Lamb Shorba which was as delicately flavoured as the Biryani. But it is not for beating the rainy weather. The dessert counter was icing on the Hyderabadi food cake. The Sheer Korma is just unbeatable. Sweet but not too sweet, it had all the ingredients made to perfection. The Lauki Barfi just did not get my attention. 

As mentioned before, the menu offers a lot more than mentioned here and will keep changing to keep everyone interested. The chef has made sure that the spiciness is kept in control so that everyone can try things out without calling for the fire brigade. He has kept things authentic so you know that eating is unadulterated fun. Go on and keep your evenings free to attend to the Hyderabadi Food Festival at Le Meridien. 

WHERE: Feast, Le Meridien, Raja Bahadur Mill Road, Sangamwadi
WHEN: Till July 16, 2016
TIMING: From 7 PM Onwards

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