Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Something Veg & Interesting!

Check the special vegetarian fare at Kangan, the all Indian and quite impressive restaurant of The Westin Pune Koregaon Park

Some places make you want to visit it with pleasure... always. If it’s food, then the pleasure gets an extra sumptuous touch. Kangan, the Indian restaurant at The Westin Koregaon Park Pune, is the place one wants to be and have delicious Indian food. And a few weeks back, it has done an interesting jump by introducing a vegetarian special to already popular menu. And it was just to experience some vegetarian delights that I went to taste it one charming evening with a good friend for company.

Though much has been written about the ambience of the restaurant, I wish to throw some light on it.
Low lights enough to see the appetising meals and comfortable sitting makes you want to relax. Not to large not to small... it is the perfect size and you are not privy to other people’s conversations. Service too is apt considering the kind of restaurant and hotel Kangan & The Westin is respectively. Polite and attentive are the two adjectives apt for their work.

Our main focus is the food which turned out to be quite an interesting spread. The vegetarian spread was the highlight here. One of the first things to greet us was the Bitter Gourd Chips with Fig Chutney Relish. Bitter Gourd or Karela has to be one of the misunderstood vegetables but courtesy the chef, it turned out to be quite a treat. The crisp coating of a bhaji went well with the Karela slices which had its bitterness toned down. Of course, the tangy fig chutney completely made it a must eat.

The other rather interesting item on the menu had to be the Tandoori Artichoke. Yes, you heard it right! Tandoori marinade applied to this phoren vegetable is an acquired taste. You might like it or you will just pass it. Either way, you might want to just try it just once. 

I loved the soft Masala Garlic Naan which just well went on its own or with your main course. Even the other varities offered from the regular menu became winners. It was quite disappointing to find the Arbi Ke Tukde served with Saunth Relish and Sabj Tarkash Ke Seeth to be just about okay in taste. Paneer lovers might find the Nazboo Paneer Lababdar to be quite decently tempting. Paneer in special masala (not too much thankfully) gets your attention.

The winner of the veg fare has to be Kangan’s prized Dal Makhni which is a well-cooked kali dal in cream. The outcome is a delicate dal which melts in your mouth to leave a light creamy taste like no other. Do end the meal with the lip-smacking Gulab Patte Ki Kheer which literally is kheer with gulkand flavour in it. But it is delicately sweet which might appease even the most finicky sweet enthusiast.

The exclusive and innovative vegetarian offers are limited but not something which should be
avoided. I have mentioned just a few names from the list. The overwhelming chances of your liking it are higher. Plus, you can mix it with the regular ala carte menu offered at the restaurant. Going to Kangan, the all Indian restaurant at The Westin Pune Koregaon Park, would be quite an option to be differently vegetarian.

Photos: Sapna Sarfare

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