Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Visiting PVR Bluo

I am always sceptical about places which have so many things woven into one. One is not sure of whether it stays true to anything. While Pune is flooded with new places of entertainment and eateries, I refused to be allowed to be the donkey made to travel all over with a carrot in the front. And in this state, I was called to check out a new place in town – PVR bluO at Phoenix Market City at Nagar Road. Three words proved to be THE word of attraction – Bowling Alley, Complete Entertainment and Good Food. Psst... bluO happens to be a bowling chain and the one here is indeed quite big.

Located on the lower level and spread over quite some area, what interested me was the fact that the area was not lumped together for just one thing. While a large area was given to the bowling area and the eating & drinks area, the cubicles were divided into private sitting areas, karaoke area, games area, and area for parties of all kinds.
I started to discover the place by checking out the specialised cubicles. I was glad to note that the area was well-divided and even an area for collectibles. One only felt that the area could have been a bit brighter, though it was not like you have a blackout here. It just needs more illumination than provided. But this could be a personal view. It’s a good thing that the various cubicles allowed privacy.
As I moved around, I found the place to be crowded but it was not claustrophobic. An in-house DJ played good techno music, but one is afraid that it might be turned towards boring item songs. The bowling alley – the main attraction - was quite large indeed. Special shoes are provided for those who want to play and it was quite fun to see people enjoy.

I was more interested in the food, as unlike other places with gaming as a major part and food relegated to the last, here good food is given prominent place. There is an actual qualified chef heading the kitchen here and had arranged for all kinds of world cuisine along with Indian.
I first sampled the Aloo Chutney Waale, a tangy dish with a twist to a typical aloo chaat. The Sheesh Touk was an interesting middle-east kebab. Though it tasted more like any spicy tikka, it still made you want to eat more with the yoghurt dip provided.
Now that my taste buds were tempted, I went ahead to eat the Chinese BBQ Chicken – a certified winner. I loved the way the BBQ sauce was in right consistency and the chicken was well-cooked. The best part is the way it was presented – on a fork to be eaten while you played. All you aloo tikki fans will be happy to find Dilli Style Aloo Tikki. It was as authentic as one got in Delhi and came with three dippings. The taste came out perfect.
Since the A/C air was pretty chilly for me, I tried the Chicken Pepper Fry which was just like it sounds and so much better. I loved the way the tender chicken went well with the pepper marination. Its finger food which you pop while chatting with friends or bowl around. The eating session went on to BluO Special Nachos which was a better version of the typical nachos you find everywhere else. But I found the Peri Peri chicken Satay to be usual... tasty, yes.
I prefer passing Masala Spring Roll, while the Garlic Bread Platter to be a great option for having a bite, literally. All the three – Caramalised Onion and Sour Cream, Leeks and Cherry Tomato Compote and Roasted Bell Pepper and Balsamic – were an unusual topping but quite tempting. Though there was a complete bar, I preferred avoiding it. But it might be an attraction for many.

To be honest, I expected PVR bluO to be just another bowling alley. But it turned out to be a complete package. You can hang out with family, friends, on your own or for just about anything. It might be on a loud side, due to the music and the fact that its attraction is bowling. If you can deal with it, you can head to Phoenix Market City in a jiffy.

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